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Expetitle is a multi-state title company that helps make more money for brokerages, saves time for realtors and provides a better experience to end-buyers and sellers.

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In fact, let's expedite your next closing

Expetitle has title agents with decades of experience that are on a mission to enhance the closing experience. As part of our service, we provide software and staff that create more transparency, communication, and accountability.


Real clients, real love

"I would recommend Expetitle to anyone who wants only the best-in-class title service. Expetitle has delivered everything on time and made sure deadlines were not missed!"

Armando, Realtor - Doral

"Expetitle was great, I would give them 5 stars. To me, the most important key in this business is communication and Yindra at Expetitle was there every step of the way. Thank you!"

testimonial from realtor 2
Tyler, Realtor - Panama City

"Expetitle made our closing process a breeze and provided clear communication to all parties involved. Expetitle is innovative, efficient and professional. I look forward to working with them in future closings!"

testimonial from realtor 3
Kaylee, Sales - Key West

Brokerages have a unique opportunity to work with Expetitle in two ways: leveraging our technology or a joint venture.


Expetitle provides a level of unparalleled transparency for buyers and sellers. Buyers, if they choose, can literally ‘see’ the different steps of the transaction with our technology.


Realtors are the key to the real estate transaction. It's no wonder we long working with them so much! We aim to provide as much value to them as possible.


Selling a home is both exhilarating and complicated, as there are lots of steps involved in the process. Expetitle can help simplify those steps through technology.


We provide a better closing experience for all parties involved

On top of the technology benefits, Expetitle’s improved workflow allows us to pass cost savings to home buyers & sellers. With Expetitle, you will get the best deal in town!

Great title agents come with great tools

Expetitle Tracker

With Expetitle, you'll have immediate insight into your closing at any time, everything from document updates to finalizing deadlines such as Title & Liens Search or Estoppel Letters, all parties involved will know where the closing stands every step of the way.

Email Updates

No need to check your account every ten minutes to keep informed. Updates from Expetitle will go directly to your inbox so that you and the rest of the closing crew will never miss out on any important details again.

Task Management

The tasks management system allows users the flexibility of adding or completing tasks straight from the platform, while simultaneously keeping everyone informed on the progress made or next steps of the closing.

Important Dates

Never miss a deadline again with Expetitle's 'Important Dates' tool in the application. Two days before an 'Important Date' you'll receive an email notifying you of any upcoming action items along with other important dates.

Store Documents

No need to spend 10 minutes sourcing through your emails in order to find a document. With our platform, you have complete oversight of your documents and their respective folder– plus we'll store your documents forever.

Streamlined Communication

Wondering what the rest of your closing crew is working on? Having trouble getting in touch with your title agent? That won't be a problem anymore thanks to Expetitle's streamlined communication tool.


Behind every great realtor is a great title agent

Title Agent for Expetitle

Yindra Velazquez is a Title Agent for Expetitle. She's been working in title insurance and closing for 11+ years. Having worked for law firms and large title companies and even acting as a transaction coordinator at one point, Yindra has vast experience in the industry. Yindra has two children and her favorite junk food are Oreos and donuts.

"Working with Expetitle, specifically with Yindra Velazquez, has been an awesome experience. She is extremely professional and "walks the talk". Not only does she keep updating us through the process, but when sending us the updates she has already solved any problems. She is a problem solver all the way! Expetitle and Yindra provide excellent customer service with the latest technology and very short closing time unlike other companies." - Lizzy, Realtor, Miami


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