Looking to create a profit center for your brokerage? Start with title.

If I told you your relationship with your title agency is one-sided, I don’t think you would be surprised. Think about it, your brokerage does all the work to get the realtor, bring in the leads, perform showings, sign to purchase homes, only to see the title commission go into someone else’s hands - and you don’t get a cent back.

What is a Joint Venture?

Both the brokerage and the title company have the same goal - a way to win more business together. A joint venture is a great way to generate value for both sides; the brokerage is able to extract more value from the real estate value chain and the title company is able to access more realtors than before.

A Joint Venture (JV) is a legal cooperative enterprise entered into by a title agency and a real estate brokerage. Expetitle creates a new fully legal LLC and the brokerage owns a portion of that entity, allowing them to share in the net operating profits of the new title company.

So why not build an in-house title company and take all that money for yourself?


What can a Joint Venture with
Expetitle do for you?


Whether it's running webinars, learning sessions, or branded content, Expetitle works hand-in-hand with your brokerage to market to your realtors.


Our dashboard organizing tasks, documents, and next steps, will let you know at a quick glance, what stage each closing is in.

Take Back Control

Stay connected and in-the-know of all closings that happen under your brokerage umbrella, with one system, and real time updates of all transactions taking place.

Profit Sharing

Why shouldn't you get part of the cut when you're involved of the process? Yeah, we don't think that's fair, either. The most prominent "what's in it for you" reason that your will share in the title premiums and closing fees.

Do I qualify to work with Expetitle in a Joint Venture?

It's not all that complicated. Do you own a brokerage? Do you want to make money at the end of a closing through your Title Agent? Do you want to have more control over your closing process? No matter the size of your brokerage, we have a mechanism for your brokerage to make more money.


The title industry is complicated

Don’t worry about the title side, we will handle that. You worry about running your brokerage.

Layers of management

Expetitle will handle the management of the title company so you can handle managing your realtors.

Bringing realtors to the table

Expetitle has created a turn-key marketing program to bring realtors in at scale.

Partnership that will last

We intend to set up a partnership that will last years, if not decades.

Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from partners that may give you the answer you are looking for.

How does the process of a JV work?
Expetitle will create a new LLC, hire a full-time title agent, and both the brokerage and Expetitle will put up capital to get the JV up-and-running. Then, your brokerage brings in the sales and Expetitle does all the title work.
Do you help with marketing?
Expetitle has the marketing infrastructure in-place to help create awareness to your brokerage. Our partnership is not one in which we set it up and do other things. Rather, we are fully incentivized to bring in as much as business as possible to that LLC.
Will I have to make day-to-day decisions?
The title industry is complicated, and you shouldn't have to worry about understanding the details of the title process. Therefore, Expetitle will run the day-to-day operations of the title company so that you can focus on building your brokerage.
I'm located outside of South Florida. Can you partner with my brokerage?
Expetitle is a multi-state title company. We're currently partnered with companies throughout Florida, Georgia and Texas as we continue growing our reach.
How quickly can I get a JV up-and-running?
We move as quickly as you would like to move. However, we suggest using our three-phased approach to getting a joint venture up-and-running. The process of creating the JV is rather simple - but we want to ensure that the partnership is setup for the long-run.

Do you have a closing ready for us?

Send us your executed contract, and we'll take care of the rest.