Who do we provide solutions for?

We work with brokerages, realtors, buyers and sellers to provide a better closing experience. Scroll down to learn a little bit about how we work with each of them.

maximize revenue

We Work With Brokers

A new profit center for your brokerage.

If I told you your relationship with your title agency is one-sided, I don’t think you would be surprised. Think about it; Your brokerage does all the work to get the realtor, bring in the leads, perform showings and sign to purchase homes. Then you give that last step (the closing) to someone else and they get to keep the entire closing paycheck.

Interested in understanding how your brokerage can make money from title?

provide a better experience

We Work With Realtors

Look good by providing your clients with the ultimate closing experience.

The closing is an exciting but hectic time, there is a short window of opportunity to get people aligned and papers signed. The last thing we want to do is to have a delayed closing; as we know, time kills all deals. That’s why Expetitle is created with you, the realtor, in mind. 

Get access to a personalized portal, add the property, invite all the corresponding parties and our team will take it from there while you choose your level of involvement.

Why do we do this? So you can do what you do best - selling homes!

take the pain out of closings

We work for Buyers & Sellers

Our promise is to provide you the best service at the best price.

The closing is a complicated and convoluted process. Your home is probably one of the most significant (if not the most significant) purchases of your life - so it should not be taken lightly!

We also know that because you may not fully understand how the title process works, you (the buyers and sellers) get overcharged on a number of items. 

The Expetitle promise is the best service and technology for the lowest cost. If you find a better price than Expetitle, we will match it - guaranteed!

Do you have a closing ready for us?

Send us your executed contract, and we'll take care of the rest.