We are Expetitle

Our mission is to transform the way people are buying and selling their homes. The closing is a broken process; to fix it we needed to recreate a title company from the ground up. Is it hard? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely. That's because we know that buying and selling a home is a major life event, and it should feel like one. This is our source of inspiration to build the best possible title company we can.


We are pioneers in the Proptech and title insurance space; encouraged to simplify the way the real estate industry does business.

Having a great user experience is now commonplace. To make our closing experience better, Expetitle built a platform that connects the realtor, broker, buyer, and seller all in one user-friendly, accessible, and organized application to make the closing a more delightful experience.


The old way of closing involved paper, faxing and missed phone calls, but we live in a world of technology and automation -- where you should get things on-demand! We use technology to bring those things that used to be in the shadows into the forefront.


• We will never replace a human with a robot. We will, however, make our people more effective with technology.

• We will focus on business efficiency to save our customers as much money as possible.

• We never accept anything less than our best work.

Venture Studio Expetitle was incubated out of LAB Miami Ventures, a Venture studio located in Miami, FL
Startup Roots CEO, Sean Daly, originally worked at four venture-backed startups prior to his current role
Home-grown Tech All of Expetitle's customer-facing technology was built in-house

The team behind the brand

A dedicated team of prop-tech professionals, devoted to making a new wave in the title agency and closing business.

Sean Daly

Expetitle’s founder, Sean Daly, comes from a seasoned startup background, working at several venture backed companies in FinTech and business development in Miami and New York. Along with the startup experience, he also runs a boutique real estate fund. Following his passion for the intersection of real estate and technology, Sean partnered with Lab Ventures and Miami-based closing agents (combined 20+ years experience) to launch Expetitle, a technology-driven brokerage to bring a new experience to the closing.

Yindra Velazquez
Title Agent

Yindra is a Title Agent for Expetitle. She has been in the real estate world for 11+ years. Starting as a transaction and foreclosure specialist, gaining interest in title quickly and moving up through the ranks at a large Miami-based title company. She ended up becoming the branch manager for one of the 16 branches of her former company. Beyond working at a big title company, Yindra has experience working at a Miami-based boutique real estate law firm. Yindra has two children and her favorite junk foods are Oreos and donuts (Salty Donut preferably).

Matti Marshak
Veronica Pena
UX / UI Designer
Mark Mains
Ventures Associate

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