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Proptech Spotlight: RealDax

We sat down and spoke to a representative of Realdax and discussed the advantages of using this platform. The description of this company is a simple one: Lofty. This is a data analytics company targeting brokerages. 

The Professional Real Estate Platform - Realdax | MLS + Off-Market ...

What is Realdax?

Realdax is the software platform used by world-class real estate professionals to stay focused on the data, marketing, and proven daily sales tasks that grow their businesses. Technologies like investment analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are radically changing the real estate industry as we know it. That’s why we are building an open and transparent real estate platform, where people have access to actionable market analytics and transactions take minutes instead of months.

Realdax was created to help you grow faster and make your clients happy they chose you as their broker. We make AI technologies in Real Estate accessible to everyone, and bring financial transparency to the largest asset class in the world.

What is the value proposition of Realdax?

Realdax gives higher referral rates to brokers and realtors for literally the price of coffee. The brokerage referral rates are about 20-30% while using this platform. Realtors are seeing an increase in the form of landing pages, lead magnets, and data starting at $1/month.

Why Realdax versus the competitor?

Many competitors are only property searches that provide pricing and data. The searches are based on online databases and you are able to browse the numbers of bedrooms and baths BUT these platforms do not provide intelligence. Realdax on the other hand is like the CarGuru of real estate. When you are searching a property of Realdax it will quickly tell you if it;s the best price, if itʻs overpriced etc. Realdax provides the real-time CMA (market analysis) while providing price recommendations and investment recommendations. Many brokerage firms have similar tools but none that does all of these things.

Best Real Estate Search Engine Florida 2018 | RealDAX

In what ways have companies or users used this platform?

Realdax is a Miami Realtors platinum plus vendor as 1 in 5 premium tools for Miami realtors, Some clients like Ocean Sothebys as an exclusive provide to The Florida uses Realdax as their only real estate analysis product. The oldest client to Realdax is Decorus Realty, a well known brokerage firm and is the oldest client to Realdax with 3 years and counting.