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Proptech Spotlight: Radius

On this week’s PropTech Spotlight, we’re talking about Radius; the fastest growing mobile-first social network for real estate agents.

Before we dive in, let’s talk background– because Radius has an impressive one. Radius was founded in 2015 by Biju Ashokan and Sanya Gurnani with the objective of creating a strong collaborative agent powered community. Radius is funded by NFX, Sierra Ventures, AngelPad, Cota Capital, Innospring, Kima Ventures and some notable angel investors.

First and foremost, Radius is a mobile-first networking and communication platform for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Radius connects over 300,000 agents on the network. These agents connect with each other locally to broadcast buyer needs and listings and nationally to exchange referrals.

Now let’s dive in to the product breakdown and interview:

Radius Agent—Claim Your Free Profile - Free Mobile Communication ...

Q: What is Radius Agent?

A: We are the largest mobile network of real estate agents exchanging referrals and insights with one another. Our referrals marketplace generates 1000s of highly qualified leads for our agents to claim.

Q: Why should someone download it?

A: If you are an agent, this is the perfect app for you. Here's why:

- Qualified Referrals: You get both buyers and sellers through our referral marketplace. These are referrals submitted by other agents in the network, qualified by us.

- Lead cleansing: We have a lead cleansing program that helps you focus on what you do best which is sell. We help you identify the best clients in your database and from lead gen tools by integrating directly. Once qualified, you get notified immediately on your app & you can decide if you want to keep it or refer it out.

- CRM: We have one of the best mobile CRMs out there. You can manage all your inbound referrals, Radius qualified clients & your own clients using our mobile Radius CRM.

- Community: Last but not the least, we have the largest community of real estate agents you can reach out to if you have any questions or if you want to discuss something in real estate.

Make yourself known in the largest real estate mobile network and get the maximum out of it.

Q: What is Radius Agent?

A: Need help qualifying leads or following up? Our US based, Inside Sales Agent (ISA) trained team is here for you. We call, text, and email your leads plus set appointments on your behalf. Now, with different financing options.

Q: Do you offer a referral program?

A: Yes we do! Have a stream of leads that aren’t for you? We contact, qualify, and match your lead with up to three top agents in our Radius Community. You’ll receive updates every step of the way and receive 25% commission when each deal closes.

Customer Interview

To paint us a better picture of the value Radius provides to real estate agents, we sat down with Joseph Hernandez, a real estate agent and Radius user, to talk more about the app.

Q: What do you like best?
A: I just started working with this software and already like it. Connecting directly with agents is not only better for small offices like mine but it gets your properties out in front of the showing agents faster.

Q: What do you dislike?

A: It can be a bit off putting when you first get set up as it is a busy home page.

Q: Recommendations to others considering the product:

A: When first on the site review all of your properties for status and make sure the pictures are there. Mine were all how I wanted them but always good to check. Also, this is a great resource to organize your groups by county. IT'S EASY. Also, the online help is excellent!

Q: What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

A: Keeping properties updated. If the agent showing your house today is out and about, you can get updated information to them now.

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