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Proptech Spotlight: Avenue HQ

On this week's Proptech Spotlight, we sat down with Dylan Hughes from Avenue HQ to give us some background on the company and how they can assist agents to become better businessmen and women. 

So what exactly is Avenue HQ and how does it work?

Avenue HQ is a team of marketers, engineers, and designers that help you as a real estate agent to stand out from the competition. Avenue HQ works with you to build a website that your clients will absolutely love. There are two different options on Avenue HQ that you can choose from. The “Build” package is solely a professionally designed website, access to the Avenue app, and website updates for $59 per month plus a $399 set up fee. If you are interested in more exposure you can go with the “Grow” package for $159 per month plus a $199 set up fee which gives you all of the features the build package has but you get Facebook ads as well. Avenue HQ is subscribed to a professional photography database which in turn is an advantage to the agent. They build websites to look as professional as possible and to attract the most traffic. While agents can submit their own photos, Avenue will work with them to make suggestions on what would be best. Avenue will not post anything on your story or timeline on Facebook but they can mirror any images from the website to run Facebook ads on your behalf.

What market does Avenue HQ target?

This decision is ultimately up to the agent. Some agents are big in the seller market while others are big in the buyer market. Avenue HQ allows you to pick which market you would like to specifically target and build your website and needs from there. Avenue has seen that those agents that are targeting buyers get double the traffic versus those targeting solely sellers.

I would like to sign up and get my website built, how long until itʻs completed?

From onboarding to completion the full process can take 3-5 weeks to complete. Once the agent has approved the final drafts for the website Avenue has 7 days to complete the project. The agent has a change to review images, fonts, and layout prior to full completion.

Does Avenue HQ provide any other tools?

Avenue HQ conducts 2-3 webinars per month on different subjects of real estate. Once you have signed up you would have access to these. Avenue also has a very user friendly FAQ section that is updated weekly for the agents to access.

Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to do this myself?

A company like Avenue HQ provides a lot more value to your website and your business. Instead of maintaining your own websites and ads to grow your business Avenue does this for you. Once you have freed up your time from updating these items you can allow yourself to hit the pavement to show homes to your clients and get your clients under contract. If you think of it and do the math the amount of time spent updating your own website and managing ads is time wasted.