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Proptech Spotlight: Inspectify

The process of transitioning from a homebuyer to a homeowner is tedious and requires many moving parts.  Finding, hiring, and scheduling inspectors while getting transparent pricing outdated, inconvenient, inefficient, and typically don’t provide a clear report of what was discovered.

This is where Inspectify comes in. Inspectify is the world's first tech-forward home inspection platform, focused on enhancing the experience for home buyers, real estate professionals, and home inspectors. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Inspectify was developed in 2019 by Josh Jensen, Denis Bellavance, and Taylor Zwisler.

The company offers software to real estate agents to instantly coordinate home inspections and receive repair estimates on all issues found and provide users with the home inspection report, thereby helping homebuyers transition to homeowners without hassle. 

“Homeowners would pay hundreds of dollars for an inspection and receive relatively low value from the end-product — the home inspection report,” Inspectify co-founder Josh Jensen told Medium. “In reality, the data of the home inspection report is actually extremely valuable, the value is just unable to be properly extracted by the homeowner.”

“Thus we come to the core thesis of Inspectify — from home insurance to home maintenance, this information could be leveraged to dramatically change (for the better) how homeowners interact and manage their new home,” said Jensen.

Home Buyers

Inspectify only works with certified and highly reviewed inspectors to ensure high-quality inspections. Homebuyers can use the information from their inspection report to quickly finalize the tedious tasks of homeownership. They’re able to compare certified and highly reviewed inspectors’ availability and book instantly online in seconds. Through Inspectify’s online report, homebuyers view all repair estimates.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Inspectify provides software for real estate agents to efficiently organize home inspections and obtain repair quotes for any located issues. Agents can book inspections instantly and receive quotes from nearby, certified inspectors that help guide them through the entire inspection process. Through Inspectify, real estate professionals save hours on every transaction, are able to ensure the inspection is being managed and can refocus their attention on what really matters.


Inspectors join, receive leads, and provide quotes for free. They only pay a fee when they get paid. Clients and agents are able to book seamlessly to the inspector’s schedule. 

Visit www.getinspectify.com to learn more about the Inspectify platform and its detailed inspection reports and estimates.