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5 Signs of a Good Title Company

Real estate agents are instrumental in bringing new business to a title company.  For the company, it is important to focus on the things the agents look for when recommending a closing agency to the client. Below, we list 5 different qualities that, if learned and adopted, will help an agency stand out and win more business.

1. Personal support

As technology creates a more impersonal work and communication space, agents and clients prefer to know they can meet face-to-face with the title agent or speak to them over the phone. A minute conversation over the phone can instill a feeling of importance in the client as opposed to an email text, or cloud update. 

2. Timely communication 

The ability to communicate regularly is key. Consistent communication with the agent and the seller throughout the transaction is important. Additionally, the company should have simple document updating and retrieval systems. Updates should be instant, on-demand, and easily accessible by all parties.

3. Leveraging technology for effective coordination

Title agencies are managing critical dates and deadlines that need to be shared and coordinated with the real estate agents, clients, lenders and attorneys. They should advise and help agents and clients with deadlines and scheduling different closing services accordingly. Maintaining a steady, up-to-date information system between all parties involved is necessary to a successful closing.             

4. Follow-up

The relationship doesn't end at the closing. A title agency is in a position to remain in the client’s life and continue to follow up with them even after closing. They have the opportunity to position themselves as a resource and further educate the agent and clients.

5. Seamless closing experience

Creating a smooth, stress-free and satisfying experience for clients is the most important thing an agency can do. How they treat closings and their scheduling process is telling of how the experience may be. Providing a memorable and happy experience is the title company’s greatest avenue for securing more business and maintaining a good reputation.